Course Description

This course listing is for the in-person, hands-on practicum for the IDAH2O Master Water Steward workshop. Before completing the practicum, participants must first complete the IDAH2O online course of study (which replaces what was originally a classroom training). 

If you have already completed the online course of study, please register for a practicum experience that works for you.

If you haven't completed the online portion, please register for and access the free online, self-paced class first.

Program Requirements

To become a certified IDAH2O Master Water Steward, you must complete a six-hour workshop which includes an online course of study portion and an in-person, hands-on practicum portion.

You must complete all seven modules, all the quizzes and the evaluation form to be eligible for the optional in-person, hands-on practicum.

The online portion covers a wide variety of topics, such as water quality issues in Idaho, starting a monitoring plan and how to network with local citizens interested in water quality. Contact Jim Ekins, Extension water educator, for more information: 208-292-1287; jekins@uidaho.edu.


This program is open to any individual or group with an interest in water quality and monitoring. The $40 workshop fee covers instructional expenses. Preregistration and prepayment is required.

Please contact the IDAH2O coordinator, Jim Ekins, for additional information, jekins@uidaho.edu).


IDAH2O workshops focus on topics like:

  • Watershed investigations
  • Why and how monitoring works
  • Water safety
  • Hands-on field experience
  • Other related water quality topics


Upon completion of an IDAH2O workshop, all participants will be IDAH2O Master Water Stewards.  

Master Water Stewards who commit to regular monitoring and register a monitoring location on a stream (or lake/pond) are either assigned a complete water quality monitoring kit for use while actively monitoring or access to one of several Lending Library kits housed in Coeur d’Alene, Driggs, Island Park area, Moscow and Boise.

Professional Development Credits

Professional development credits are available for K-12 educators for most workshops.

Continuing Education

Additional workshops may be available for certified IDAH2O Master Water Stewards who wish to continue developing their monitoring skills.
Please contact Jim Ekins, IDAH2O coordinator, at idah2o@uidaho.edu or 208-292-1287 for more information.


The online course XWTR 501.MWS.OA is required before taking a practicum.
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IDAH20 MWS Coeur d'Alene
2:00PM to 5:00PM
May 17, 2024
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Practicum/Field Day  
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Practicum + Educator PD Credit credit (1 units) $106.00
Registration credit (1 units) $46.00
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1 units
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May 16, 2024
  • Jim Ekins
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Located in Coeur d'Alene.
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