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This is the registration system responsible for continuing education, professional development, and non-traditional courses at the University of Idaho. Whether you are looking for professional development or personal improvement, there is likely a course for you. You can click on Programs above to get started.
Support for this system can be found in various places, please select the program here
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Select Search in the Top Menu

Create an Account 

Register for a Course 

  1. Select Courses>Search and search for your course by number. 

  1. Select the course. A menu will open on the right with available course sections. 

  • Check the section title and date.

  1. Click a section and then click the Add to Cart button. 

Pay for the Course 

  1. Select Checkout 

  1. Confirm your contact information and scroll down to accept the Payment Policy 

  1. Click Continue and Checkout 

  1. Enter your Credit Card information and select Pay Now 


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